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The Corlett family originally from the Isle of Man, have a maritime background dating back to the Vikings. Corlett Lines in West Africa have established associate companies and been instrumental in the expansion of the Corlett Group.
Recognition of our company mainly began with entering into the history books, being the first company to operate a drive on / off (ro-ro) passenger cargo service between the islands of Sao Tome e Principe and the African mainland; the island of Principe was practically abandoned. Corlett Lines purchased the R/F. “Fiskebǿl” lying in Sortland, Norway, 10th October 2003, she was re-registered in Sao Tome, and renamed M/V. “Nadine Corlett”. The M/V. “Nadine Corlett” was on local television and has become very popular with local communities; she has served an unprecedented humanitarian role, she became the lifeline of the island.

Corlett Lines purchased the M/V. “Pioneer” from Caledonian MacBrayne 17th August 2004, in Greenock, Scotland. She was renamed M/V. “Brenda Corlett” 1st October 2004. The two ships have become a household name in West Africa making history being.


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The M/V. “Brenda Corlett” sailed from Principe December 2005 to Tema in Ghana for repairs and a repaint. February 2006 the M/V. “Brenda Corlett” arrived in The Gambia, to commence operations from the new Corlett Lines base in Banjul.

July 2006, Corlett Line Gambia Ltd were approached by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and requested to assist the IOM (International Organisation for Migration) in a humanitarian programme for the return of over 450,000 refugees to Liberia, 40,000 of which were in Ghana.

President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia was proud to announce at the AU Summit in July 2006 that Corlett Line Gambia Ltd were undertaking this operation with a Gambian registered ship the M/V. “Brenda Corlett”.

The “Brenda” returned to Banjul in November 2006 to commence the first ro-ro passenger cargo service for The Gambia, operating from Banjul to Dakar Senegal and Praia Cape Verde Islands. Unfortunately this service was cancelled due to engine problems; the M/V. “Brenda Corlett” was repaired in Dakar, and then returned to the Cameroon’s for service between Tiko and Calabar.


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Many roles have been played by the company research ship R/S. “Naomi Corlett”, she has worked with port authorities, marine archaeologists, oil industry, governments, and starred in a film as a passing ship that rescues people that survived an aeroplane crash on an uninhabited island, all under our ownership, previously her history is unique.

Corlett Lines purchased the R/V. “Seahawk” lying in Gibraltar; she was in a state of ill repair needing major works. The “Seahawk” was quite a famous ship, she was built in New Orleans as a fishing boat; in her first year fishing in the Mexican Gulf, she was arrested and confiscated by American Customs for smuggling; the University purchased her from the Customs and converted her for research work.

She was eventually purchased by two American businessmen, Greg Stemm and John Morris, for treasure hunting off Florida, purely as a hobby; the hobby turned into an extremely lucrative business for Greg and John, who I have met in Spain and Florida. The “Seahawk” had been searching for, and located the worlds biggest treasure find to date: an estimated £3,000.000,000. ( three thousand million pounds sterling ) in gold and silver, she had located the 80-gun Man of War flagship of the British Royal Naval fleet, HMS “Sussex”, lost in a gale off Gibraltar in 1694. She sailed from England for southern France loaded with 3 million pounds sterling and 6 tons of gold. The gold was collected from European Royals, who opposed the Bourbon claim to the Spanish Throne, and taken to England. A mercenary army of 100,000 men were ready at the gates of the Bourbon domains, now France.. The sinking of the HMS “Sussex” and its failure to arrive in Genoa, where paymaster the Duke of Savoy waited, changed he course of the war of the Spanish Succession. The HMS “Sussex” foundered along with a dozen other ships in the British fleet, taking all its riches and the lives of 1,200 crew members to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Ultimately the Duke changed sides, giving his support to Louis X1V, and England’s war with France raged for seven more years before ending in a stalemate.

The R/V. “Seahawk” was instrumental in the discoveries off the eastern seaboard of America of the “Golden Eagle”, a ship laden with gold sank in the Atlantic over a hundred years ago. In 1622, 28 Spanish ships loaded with gold and silver were scattered by a hurricane between Florida and Cuba, 17,000 artefacts were recovered from the Dry Tortugas, including a plate with the seal of he Pope on it, and these artefacts were recovered from a depth of over 1,200 feet.

We purchased the R/V. “Seahawk” registered in New Orleans USA, in Gibraltar, on the 17th November 2000, she was renamed R/S. “Naomi Corlett”. She sailed to Portugal and was stripped and completely rebuilt over an 18 month period.